Somewhere in the jungles of Cambodia, there lies the ruins of an ancient empire. Its builders long moved on, but even in this space-aged modern year of 1973, the stone walls are ever iconic... and wherever in the world are wonders, that's naturally all the more reason to assume a secret spytech facility has been carved out deep inside. And where there's spytech, there's sure to be mercs guarding that spytech that need stomping. Look, people, this is all cold hard logic.

Saxton Hale brought back samples of the region for you to casually use and abuse in your own projects. By that, we mean Hale saw Angkor Wat himself, said "This stuff looks like something a real man would have in his dining room," personally loaded his cargo plane with as much of it as he could grab, returned home, and then said, "What the hell is all this crap in my plane? Get it out of here!" We wouldn't make this stuff up, but now YOU can!Download from!



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