Hello! Welcome to my vanity page for cp_antiquity, a Symmetric Control Point map for Team Fortress 2.

If you're not interested in this introduction, please feel free to take a look at Antiquity in the Steam Workshop, or check out the latest changes to the map, or download the assets for yourself and make your own Cambodian map. If you'd like to leave feedback, please do so on the Steam Workshop! I'm very interested in making this map the best it can be.

Back in 2010, TF2Maps held the Artpass Contest. Mappers were given a blank map from Valve and asked to texture and detail it. Inspired by maps like cp_egypt, my entry into this contest was to turn the blank map into a Cambodian ruin. I'd made textures, and even several models, but my skills simply were not up to the task of creating something that both captured the feeling of places like Angkor Wat and also fit within the general Team Fortress 2 aesthetic. Eventually I dropped out of the contest as I wasn't able to finish detailing in time for the deadline.

However what I had managed to complete really piqued my interest in the theme. With the textures and models already created, I put together a 5 CP Map and dubbed it "Antiquity". It wasn't perfect, and my skills at the time were not great, but I kept at it over the years, refining, and tweaking and changing. As time went by, the aesthetic -- and the quality of the assets -- really showed their age. It was overdue for a major revision.

I was approached by Vhalin, who had helped make the map Borneo not only competitively viable, but excellently balanced all around. He had list of excellent suggestions and improvements. Sadly, real life became too hectic and I was unable to put the effort into the map for a long, long time. Antiquity gathered dust.

With the announcement of the upcoming Jungle Update, I realized it was now or never. Whenever I had spare time, I would put together updated textures, models, and assets. There were years of accumulated feedback to prioritize and organize. The map finally began to take shape in its new form. Almost everything Vhalin suggested made it into the new version. Problems pointed out by the now defunct TF2 community Hell's Kitchen Central were at long last battered into submission and fixed.

Finally, seven years after its initial creation, the map has been completely recreated, improved, and -- hopefully -- enjoyed by the community once again.

Thank you for letting me ramble on. Please enjoy, and as always, let me know your feedback.